Comm 100 Class Summaries


20, Class Intro– Sis. Scholes outlined requirements for the class- Portfolio, Class Summaries, Grad Plan, Faculty Mentor, Academic Discovery Center

27, I-Comm– Students involved with the BYUI Scroll spoke to us about opportunities to contribute to the campus newspaper- we could report on News, Arts and Education, Religion, Campus Events, etc. or be an editor or photographer. Students involved in the Soapbox Agency spoke about opportunities to get involved with the advertising agency located here at BYUI. We could help with research, video, PR, Design, reach out to clients, be like an overseer, etc. Between Scroll and Soapbox, it would probably be more beneficial as an Advertising major to get involved with the latter.



4, Grad Plans– Sis. Sheila Wener spoke to us about the grad planner system and the services offered at the Academic Discovery Center. The grad planner is a computer program- a tool designed to give students an idea of the classes needed for their graduation and how much time it will take. The Academic Discovery Center has services to help materialize our grad plans, design professional resumes, and prepare us for interviews. They run programs periodically to help students develop specific skills. These skills should prove useful in any field, including advertising.

11, Journalism– Bro. Lane Williams spoke to our class about Blogging, News, and Journalism. He extended 5 challenges to us, involving writing often, reading and supporting the news, and considering a career in journalism. The fifth challenge was a bit intriguing- be a voice for truth and righteousness in social media. Too much of social media today is focused on tragedy and the promotion of opinion as fact. These could easily and very well be tools and tactics of the adversary, designed to distract, confuse, and sway us. I’ll use my career and the responsibilities associated with it to promote wholesome values instead.

18, Video Production– Bros. Brian Howard and Christian Mawlam spoke to our class about the process of video production and the many careers associated with it. Video production is a collaboration of efforts involving storyboard artists who plan out long beforehand exactly how the finished project should look, casting directors who choose the actors to appear in the project, location scouts who find just the right place to film, costume designers who make the actors look good, cinematographers who film the project, sound designers who find just the right sound balance for the project, etc. There are so many tasks to undertake behind the scenes and so many careers associated with these tasks. A Video Production emphasis prepares you for these undertakings. This will be valuable to remember in my chosen emphasis, Advertising, as I hope to be able to brainstorm ideas for commercials and ads, and I will need to ensure they can feasibly be produced. It would be helpful in that sense to know the processes involved.

25, Visual Communication– Bros. Eric Lybbert, Derek Miller, and a third professor, Bro. James Rognon, if I recall correctly, spoke to our class about visual communication and social media classes offered here at BYUI. Visual communication is about learning skills and proficiency in Adobe programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They also discussed an Adobe project convention where users of the programs submit their best works for the chance to win prizes. Photography was also discussed for a bit and Bro. Miller talked briefly about a program that pays for the use of stock footage. These skills will be useful in an advertising environment as it would likely be helpful to be able to create some visual representations of ideas to help coworkers and supervisor picture intended results.



1, Organizational Communication and Advocacy– Sis. Andra Hansen spoke to our class about the Advocacy major. Advocacy is, so far as I understand it, learning to mediate problems in the world and help those who need it. It requires a great deal of care and compassion, both for those you help and for their opposition. Advocacy can be a useful skill to incorporate into Advertising as I will have to consider both the needs of the client I will promote and the needs of the audience I will target.

8, Public Relations– Bros. Ward Hicks and Michael Cannon spoke to our class about PR careers and the PRSSA group here on campus. So far as I understood, Public Relation acts like a bridge between the public and pretty much every other Communications career. As such, they’ve got a bit of a hand in everything Communications-related. Jacks of all trades. They learn to write effectively, research, use social media and mass media, etc. Just about every industry or company requires a PR service in some form or another. The PRSSA is a chapter of, essentially, a Public Relations guild of sorts, located here at BYUI. At the PRSSA, they further their understanding of the career and the responsibilities associated with it. PR can help me in my Advertising major as I’m sure I will be working closely with Public Relations in some capacity in the real world. Also, PR is a good reminder to be proficient or at least capable in studies other than those of our focus.


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