The Sound of Silence

These last few weeks in Visual Design class at BYU-Idaho have been devoted to the creation of a slide presentation using Adobe InDesign.

There were quite a few guidelines and instructions, but it ended up being pretty easy to follow. We were to seek out an existing ad that was well-designed and included the company logo and at least one line of text. We were to create a new ad using Adobe Photoshop– an ad that seems to be from the same ad campaign as the existing one. To do that, we had to match the original ad’s dimensions and find some sort of element like colors, typography, layout, message, etc. to repeat. We had to use legally obtained images, of course, and type in our own text. Finally, We had to design a slide presentation on InDesign to analyze the original ad and explain how our recreated ad fits within the themes of the original ad campaign. The slides were to be 10 inches by 7.5 inches. We were required to create at least 6 slides, with at least one to introduce the company and campaign and at least one explaining how our recreated ad fits the campaign. We were to “reverse engineer” the original ad, focusing on how the ad utilizes the principles of design, with focus on only one idea per slide and without the use of bullet points.


Following are a few of the slides I designed for my presentation project.

Target Audience

Our target audience was provided for us in the instructions of the assignment.

“You are asked by your employer to analyze one of their existing ads, use these findings to create an additional ad that would fit the same campaign, and make a slide presentation that would assist you in explaining your findings.”

My audience is my employer. I feel this design appeals to my employer because of its simplicity. The background is a calming and friendly shade of blue-green with a slightly lighter oval in the corner of each slide drawing attention to the idea to be presented. The pictures are each aligned with the bottom-right corners, leaving a nice border in between so they’re not pushed right up against the sides, and the text is right-aligned against the pictures. Overall, I feel this design is simple and easily accessible, and avoids unnecessary flash or extravagance.


Design Analysis

I created 3 different kinds of slides for this assignment: Title slide, Ad introduction slides, and Idea explanation slides.

Title Slide
Ad Introduction Slide
Idea Explanation Slide

The title slide stands out among the rest. It introduces the background and typography used throughout the presentation, as well as the oval to be used as a repetitive element in the rest of the slides. The oval is exactly the same throughout the presentation, with only its position changed. It is slightly lower in the Ad introduction slides than in the Idea explanation slides to accommodate the second line of text. The color choices and many other design choices were explained above under “Target Audience.” The Idea explanation slides have one additional element in the form of the green circles highlighting an example of the focus ideas.

The font used is called Tekton Pro. It’s subtle in some letters, but the text has small serifs. I chose this font because I thought it was pleasing to the eye without being too boring or too gaudy.



The original ad was found on Google images and used under fair use. All photography for the recreated ad was legally obtained from

Used with permission of sarvakarthi
CC0 found on
Used with permission of Natalie White
CC0 found on
Bose Logo used under fair use


There we have it! My slide presentation for visual design class using Photoshop and Indesign. This was a good exercise in the cooperation and coordination of the various Adobe products we’ve been learning this semester. It was a good way to flex and showcase the skills we’ve been building. Sure hope my employer likes this presentation.


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